Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Recap

The Easter Egg Hunt turned out to be great fun! We kept it simple and didn't too much planning - knowing that it would be all over in a matter of minutes! We followed it with an ice cream picnic and some of the kiddos stayed around to play!

In case you are planning your own for next year, here are a few ideas!

We created cute carrot shaped favors with Wilton 12 inch pastry bags, some polkadot (of course!) ribbon and some of Busy Bee's favorites - chickadees cheddar cheese snack crackers. For the babies in attendance we filled them with sweet potato puffs by Gerber. And since those babes wouldn't be able to enjoy the goodies in the eggs, we got them little books as a favor too.

We had extra baskets on hand in case our friends forgot theirs and made sure to have a first aid kit handy (although we didn't need it, thankfully).

We filled about 2 dozen eggs per child and one extra large one. We also hid mini bottles of bubbles. We decided against doing a "golden egg" or putting cash in one because we didn't want anybody feelings to be hurt about not getting the "big" prize. All in all, it was a great success and I'm looking forward to next year - and hitting up the clearance department for cute decor!

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