Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stamped Washer Necklace & Keychain

I have to admit - once I saw this idea for a craft - I couldn't wait to try it! I was all set to order a stamping set from Beaducation  (and I probably still will for the variety) when I found this set from Harbor Freight. And at $4.99 - it was a bargain too!

{I forgot the washers in the above pic - oops!}

For this project you will need a stamping set such as the ones mentioned above, a hammer, a black Sharpie or permanent marker, antibacterial gel (or baby wipes or a magic eraser) and a variety of washers. It honestly took us a few tries to get the alignment and hammering just right, so be sure to buy a few extra. At .13 a piece grab a few handfuls of different sizes.

You simply use your hammer to stamp your letters - we used a strip of painter's tape to help guide us and then color your indentations with your marker. Use one of the methods listed above to rub away the excess and there you have it!

I ordered some sterling silver blanks from Beaducation as well - and I can't wait to make my own stamped jewelry piece. More on that later!

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