Sunday, March 14, 2010

Backwards Letter from The Leprechaun

A few of Busy Bee's friends get a visit from a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day! He does all sorts of silly things like color the milk green, turn things upside down and leave a trail of mini footprints and green sugar in his dust! If they are lucky, he leaves them a treat or two!

I'm not sure if the leprechaun will visit inside our house this year. He may create some silliness in the yard and leave this note and a treat in the mailbox.

I was thinking earlier this evening of a new printable to share with you, a letter from the leprechaun for him to leave behind, but I wanted to make it extra special! That's when it hit me - do it in reverse!

Simply have your busy bee hold it up to the mirror to see the message left behind from lucky the leprechaun!

It reads:
Sorry for all of the mischief and mess...
I hope that this St. Patrick's Day is the best!

Lucky The Leprechaun
(I also have a no name/blank version in case you have been doing this in year's past & your leprechaun has a different name!)

Hop on over here to download a copy for yourself!
No name version

Bee Happy,

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  1. This is too fun!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. That is fun, it took my awhile to read, so fun!

  3. Oh so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is adorable!! I ended up using it in a Lucky the Leprechaun Treasure Hunt with my 3 young boys. So fun that it was backwards and my 6yr old had to hold it up to the mirror to read it. Thanks so much for sharing this, because it added to the making of some great memories : )

  5. This is easy to read. I read it to my brother and he loved it. He says Lucky screws everything up. He threw these green snowflakes all over the place!!! It's funny what 1st graders think about lucky..