Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mission: Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

in FIVE days! :)

Busy Bee and I were talking about what fun it would be to host an Easter Egg Hunt with her friends in the neighborhood and I heard myself saying, "Maybe next year..." because I was thinking that it was getting too late to send invites. Then I asked hubby his opinion and he was game. Then I checked the weather. High 70s with tons of sunshine! It has *snowed* on Easter before - so I figured that we might as well as take advantage of the weather and go for it!

I'm a party planning girl by nature. As in, I start to plan next year's birthday party the day after this year's party. I pore over the design of the invites and collect ideas and goodies for months. Scour blogs for inspiration. I run through the set up and decor in my mind like it's a military exercise. I have trouble falling asleep the night before because I'm so excited. It's crazy!

But, because of the timing - the Easter Egg Hunt has to be more on the impromptu and simple side. (As simple as 250 filled eggs can be, right?)

I don't *do* simple! But I'm gonna try...

Today Busy Bee and I delivered these adorable (if I do say so myself, LOL!) invites to the guests along with an egg filled with chocolate treats. And before you say, "Not more candy!~" I do plan on finding a good many nonedible treats for the egg stuffings.

When I told Busy Bee that the hunt was on - she said, "Yeah, you are SUPERMOM!" I can't turn back now! :)

I'll let you know how it goes!

Bee Happy,
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