Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Rainbow Fun

We finshed off St. Patrick's Day fun with more rainbow activities. First up, we planned a rainbow dinner and made sure to include something for every color. We even had rainbow striped plates!

Next we created rainbow bracelets with colored fruit cereal and string licorice so our creations were totally edible! We took some time to discuss favorite colors and patterns.

We read this book and then took a look at some of Van Gogh's masterpieces and the use of color.

Last but certainly not least was what Busy Bee had been looking forward to and planning for months! We had billed it as a boring plain old vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. If you've been around the blogging block before you know what's coming. If you are offended by technicolored food - click away and come back tomorrow. :)

Here is the finished cake- please keep in mind that I iced it in a matter of 5 minutes while trying to occupy Baby Bee with silly faces and in between having playdates with Busy Bee's neighborhood friends.

If you decide to tackle this cake here are two tips:
use Wilton gel food coloring and be sure to get the ones with "no taste" and
use disposable cake pans (you can use them afterward for crafting purposes)!

We had a few of Busy Bee's friends over for the big cake reveal and I have to say that it did earn me a few points in the "Cool Mom" department.

I'm off to go feed Busy Bee nothing but organic food for the next few weeks to counteract this colorful concoction! :)

Bee Happy,
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