Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday Mission: Household Manual

In my neverending quest to become more organized and keep this ship sailing smoothly - I will be sharing with you my Monday Missions. I'm going to give myself the week to accomplish them and share my ideas and resources with you! Maybe you can get a little more organized & efficient right along with me.

Mission 1: Create a Household Manual

I bought a cute 3 ring binder and matching expanding file and plan to keep this in my pantry so that it's always close at hand!

I was all set to create a few forms and calendars when I discovered these handy printable forms from the folks at Organized Home. See below for the ones that I included in my manual. Just click for the printable pdf! See the site for many more.

These first few forms I printed on cardstock for durability:

Emergency Contact List
Birthday and Anniversary List
Restaurant Take Out List
Spring & Summer To Do list
Fall & Winter To Do list
Monthly Calendars

I printed multiple copies of these and store them in protective sleeves:

Weekly To Do Lists
Shopping Lists
(no more scribbling on paper towels or old receipts! Yeah!)
Menu Planners

I printed these on plain paper:
Phone and Address Info
Phone Directory Sheet
(I plan to designate these for different groups such as 'neighbors' etc.)
Blank Pages
Perfect for gift idea lists, username and password info etc.
Recipes to Try
 (Organized Home - my hubbee thanks you!)

In business card sheets, I placed business cards for our most frequently used services such as our furnace repairman and my rent-a-hubby (handyman)! :)

In the pockets of the planner I placed a sheet of address labels, stamps and, of course, a few of my girlie printable playdate cards :) !

I don't even want to admit how long ago I bought the binder and file with the hopes of getting this all together. I'm just glad to have it checked off my to-do list!

Week 1: Monday Mission Accomplished!

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