Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sock Cupcakes

We have a dear friend who is recuperating from surgery, so Busy Bee and I have enjoyed sending her surprise mail and yesterday we whipped up this cute creation.

Can you guess what the cupcake is made from? A pair of super fuzzy socks! I found mine at Target, but I've heard that they also have them at Michael's in the $2 bins.

Santa brought me a new Cricut for Christmas and these are all the rage on the Cricut forums. I didn't have the cartridge/program needed so we just improvised with what I had. In about five minutes, we had this oh-so-sweet gift ready to go!


-Fuzzy socks
-Scrapbook paper
-red construction paper for cherry
-gumband or elastic
-cellophane treatbag or ziploc(optional for wrapping)
-clear tape

Step 1: roll your socks tightly from heel to toe. Push center up to resemble an iced cupcake. Wrap gumband or elastic around middle.

2. Cut a strip of scrapbook paper. I was wondering how to make a template to offer on the blog when hubbee came home with a treat. Guess what fit my cupcake like a glove?

I then crimped my paper with one of my favorite scrapbooking tools!

3. Cut a small circle from the red paper for a cherry (I used a water bottle cap for tracing).

4. Wrap scrapbook paper around sock cupcake and close with clear tape. Add cherry on top and secure with tape.

5. Wrap for gift giving!

Bee Happy,
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