Saturday, October 30, 2010

Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Contest

So, last year, 2 of my neighbor friends & I initiated a parade, party & pumpkin carving contest for our neighborhood. We entered 3 pumpkins.

Our witch was made from a green pumpkin, sported pom pom hair, a hat and nails in the stem for warts. :) This was Busy Bee's creation. I looovved it!

And our second pumpkin was similar to this ceramic one. I freehanded our last name in chunky letters for the teeth. I loved the way that it turned out & plan to carve it from a foam pumpkin sometime. (lol, by next year hopefully!)

This year I got a crazy design in mind & hunted for the perfect pumpkin. Gathered my supplies & commandeered my hubby's new drill to create this:

Well, one hour, a messy drill, some duct tape, electrical tape, & a few staples later I had a porcupine with half of the lights sticking out/half pulled back through the holes. I was ready to tackle that issue when I decided to test the lights again & plug them in. You guessed it. NOT working!!

So, I wasn't willing to do it all over again. I quickly moved to Plan B which involves floral foam and multicolored glow sticks. Hey, you try to find 60+ of the same color the night before Halloween. (not easy :) )

I'm calling this one a big FAIL.

I don't see this coming home with me tomorrow night:

I had this made for $15 and we'll pass it on from year to year. Cheesy, I know - but isn't that the point?

I hope that your pumpkin carving was better than mine. I may or may not post a pic of the final rainbow porcupine. Depends on how he turns out.

Bee Happy,

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