Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yummy Mummys

Aren't these little guys so cute?? Busy Bee & I made these adorable yummy mummy lollipops, although Busy Bee kept teasing me and called them "mommy" lollipops. When we gathered the ingredients together, Busy Bee asked, "Mommy, did you see this on Martha Stewart?" She cracks me up! I don't even watch Martha Stewart... :)

I found the idea over on How Does She? Be sure to check out their Oreo sucker tutorial first.
Head here for the Royal Icing eyes. Be sure to order a few extra, because a few broke in transit for us.

For some reason, our chocolate didn't melt really well so we had trouble creating the bandage look. We finally used the tines on a mini fork. We used two bags of the melts & ended up with 24 lollipops.

And guess what we'll be having for lunch on Halloween?
Mummy Hot Dogs, of course!


So cute, right? Can't wait to make those. Gotta run, we have one last house to BOO tonight!

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